Our client in Pocklington desired a practical and relaxed shading solution for over their outdoor seating area. This lean-to Algarve comprises of extruding aluminium blades which act as the roof, able to rotate up to 150 degrees. This provides the client the ability to choose how much natural light enters their seating area at any […]


Med Viva – Manchester

The Med Viva retractable canopy is a great way to extend your seating area all the way into your garden and use throughout the seasons. For this recent installation, the client had a tight space for their indoor café and needed more space. Therefore, the Med Viva was a perfect addition to this garden centre, […]

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Lean To Isola Fly – Hull

The Lean To Isola Fly is a shading solution that creates a relaxed, spacious area while covering UV rays with its polished stainless steel lateral pantographs design. The original arched cloth permits lateral water drainage without any inclination of the structure. This Lean To Isola Fly is 5.1m x 2.9m projection.    

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  The Cassita has a flat oval shaped design which sits elegantly against the wall. When it is retracted, the fabric and awning arms retract from view completely. It can be tilted to offer shade from the late morning and early evening sun. This awning offers a high level of protection from the wind and other […]



  Sector: Residential, Location: Stallingborough, Grimsby The Algarve is a simple and practical terrace cover, offering a sun protection system based on rotating blades. The extruding aluminium blades rotate up to 150 degrees enabling the user to decide how much sun protection, and the necessary ventilation and cooling, is required. This Algarve has drop down screens, LED perimeter lighting, […]


Med Quadra – Grimsby

        Sector: Residential, Location: Grimsby Shade Zone’s most recent installation is the Med Quadra retractable canopy. This canopy was installed by one of our local teams in Hull. The Med Quadra is a perfect addition to any patio or garden area. The Med Quadra is an affordable and attractive way to expand your […]

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