Camargue, Leeds

Sector: Residential, Location: Leeds
Shade Zone’s have recently installed a 5.5m x 4.5m Camargue Rotating Blade Canopy. The Camargue was made bespoke to fit the patio area perfectly and tailored to the clients needs. It is a great way to extend your home.
This Camargue has many different features, including an integrated heater, a soundbar with bluetooth receiver and LED lighting in the rotating blades.
The Camargue can be customised many ways. Our client opted for glass sliding panels to be added to two sides of the this system with the other two sides fitted with drop down fixscreens.
The blades rotate 150 degrees to allow as much light in as required and when closed the full rotating blade system becomes water tight. The Camargue has a built in guttering system that drains the water down the columns.
Our client has opted for glass sliding glass sliding panels for this Med Viva. The glass panels can be installed at a later date, which is the same for drop down screens.
3 sets of 8 spots light were added to the retractable roof to create a calm relaxing atmosphere and this can be accompanied by infra red heaters.


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